For the farmer

Production substrates for growing mushrooms

Substrate (distributed in bales or blocks) for the cultivation of species Oyster mushroom, cornucopiae and Agrocybe, following the advice offered by the Company Funghitalia, it can help to create an interesting form of alternative and secure income over time. This cultivation can be done by any person with an agricultural plot, even smaller, a little capital to invest and open-minded acceptance of all investment news.

Within the company they select and reproduce by fungi that grow wild plateau of the Murgia of the most beautiful and productive strains to be cultured on substrate made of raw materials choices.

Taking scrupulous manufacturing processes, we obtain compounds that give abundant production and excellent quality.

We provide not only sown substrate but also incubated, ready to give mushrooms, because the biological stage of the incubation is not easy to perform and the controlloprevede the use of sophisticated equipment and microbiology of well-equipped facilities, that only a specialized structure and a trained staff is able to own and use.

The opportunity to provide customers already substrates also incubated, allows a considerable saving of time and resources during cultivation.
The climatic conditions necessary for the cultivation of the various strains of oyster mushroom ranging from 13-16°C for the winter strains to 16-25°C for spring autumn varieties, with a growth optimum of 16-18°C.
The optimal humidity is 80-85% with a constant ventilation during growth of fungi.
For the genus Agrocybe instead provide ideal conditions 18 ° C and constant humidity 85-98%.
In any case, the company provides customized Funghitalia fungal varieties to different climatic conditions of cultivation of customers and different types of marketing.