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Cultivation and marketing of mushrooms

The company cultivation of Pleurotus ostreatus and other mushrooms is done in mushroom greenhouses capable of ensuring temperature, brightness, humidity and air circulation adequate to the needs of the mushroom itself. The mushrooms produced are harvested, packaged in various formats and destined for national and international markets.

The cultivation greenhouses are constantly monitored with the aim of improving the production characteristics of our strains according to productivity and resistance to adversity, as well as carrying out real market surveys on the various most requested fungal varieties. This takes place in the Mycological Laboratory, the beating heart of the company, which is a great added value to this company.

The main fungal strains treated by Funghitalia

cultivation and sale of oyster mushrooms Pleurotus ostreatus
oyster mushroom
cultivation and sale of cornucopia mushroom Pleurotus cornucopiae
Pleurotus cornucopiae
cultivation and sale of pioppino mushroom Agrocybe aegerita
agrocybe aegerita