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A young company with great experience behind it

Funghitalia starts from the experience coming from the DE BIASI Mycological Farm which for almost 40 years has been producing highly productive substrates of the mushroom Pleurotus eryngii (Cardoncello). 

This experience has been combined with the latest scientific knowledge in the field of fungiculture and the latest generation technologies for the production of highly selective and productive substrates for the cultivation of all mushrooms of the Pleurotus species, in particular Pleurotus Ostreatus and Agrocybe.

All stages of production are monitored by the new laboratory company that constantly checks the parameters necessary for the success of a good cultivation substrate and selects fungal varieties that are increasingly suitable for the changing conditions of cultivation and marketing.

The more than 6.000 square meters of cultivation greenhouses allow you to constantly experiment with new varieties and new fungal growth substrates, in order to provide highly productive strains and substrates.
Advice for the mushroom grower: De Biasi offers its customers a qualified consultancy service and accurate assistance, starting from setting up the mushroom farm to the collection and marketing of mushrooms.